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Pauline Joseph

Pauline Joseph left Microsoft to pursue building her Digital Marketing business full time.
10 years in the Digital Marketing Industry has taught Pauline that she’s unofficially a Change Agent. Change is hard.
Something she learnt from her personal journey, as someone who couldn’t swim to becoming a triathlete. She understands that organizations may experience resistance towards adoption, but it’s part of the process to accept that Digital isn’t going anywhere.


“If you dream of being somewhere you’ve never been, you have to be prepared to do something you’ve never done.”



Colin Cox

Colin is passionate about helping people and organizations grow. He coaches CEOs and executives, helps leadership teams level up their performance, and runs workshops and speaking engagements on topics such as strategy, leadership, customer service, productivity, and high performing teams.

Colin has over 26 years of experience in corporations, including seven years in the executive suite as Chief Operating Officer for Demonware, the online studio for Activision. Colin has worked in Canada, the UK, and Ireland, and holds an MBA from the Open University in the UK. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and three rambunctious boys. 


If you chase traditional definitions of success you may find yourself miserable. The feeling of success is ephemeral. The game is to replace the chase for traditional definitions of success with a focus on finding daily fulfillment: loving what you do every day.”

Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark is a trainer and coach specializing in helping busy professionals create powerful LinkedIn profiles and then teaching them how to use those profiles for results. Trained in communications, social media, and with an educational background, Sandra was Director of Communications for UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley and now leads a successful business helping clients create and manage their LinkedIn presence through individualized workshops and coaching. She also is a frequent presenter about LinkedIn at professional organizations and companies in the Silicon Valley.


“We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” 
-(Robin Sharma, Canadian author, top leadership expert) 

Sandra Clark

Daniel Sanderson

Daniel is the Founder of planksip, which has a registered Canadian trademark describing a methodology of promoting and propagating thought concepts and intellectual property for non-fiction authors and Academics. As a Science and Philosophy writer, Daniel is an active blogger, author and father of two living in British Columbia, Canada. As a Hellenic philosopher, Daniel draws inspiration for his epistemological schema on topics related to Newtonian Giants, Artificial Intelligence, Free Will, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics and Quantum Physics. Phrases like,”driven by Data and propagated through the Praxis of planksip“, summarize his modus operandi of Truth supported by evidence and evolution. Daniel believes change starts with the individual and radiates outward from the home into the community and that as responsible citizens, we all have a role to play in protecting our living spaces from the impacts of a changing climate.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke, founder of Qtility Software and also Qtility Consulting, helps large organizations implement content and records management systems. Chief architect for Qtility’s MOVE data migration software, he has deep insight into both enterprise information management and software development. In consulting roles, he has helped state governments implement inmate information systems and also setup large scale Web content management systems for global manufacturers. He takes a “whatever it takes” mindset to his projects and makes sure that all of the details and deliverables are achieved, even with the most challenging ones. Currently focusing on eCommerce projects, Michael is exploring the latest technologies and techniques for the next generation of online business.

Outside of work Michael, or Mike, loves to travel with his wife and family, and write science fiction. With some luck there may be some book signings in his future, but he’s not holding his breath.


“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.”

Kyla Dufresne

Kyla is an ambitious, motorcycle-riding, ultra-capable, badass boss babe who is passionately building an exciting brand that has had a positive ripple effect on the lives of women around the world.  The Foxy Box brand is leaving a footprint of simple, engaging and self-empowering principles that allow women to live a life of choice. Kyla’s authentic, kind, yet non-BS approach allows women to celebrate their uniqueness and stand in their true power. In her early twenties, Kyla started a small t-shirt line and sold them at music festivals and markets. But her entrepreneurial radar went on high alert when she noticed the gap in the market for affordable and quick Brazilians.  As a visionary, Kyla could see that women would become loyal – almost tribe-like – to an upbeat, fun and retro place that promised the best waxing experience ever. She started Foxy Box in 2012 when she found the need for a go-to place to be waxed in the Victoria area. Kyla left her career as a certified mental health worker to show the world a foxier way. What started as a small wax bar in the back of a jewelry shop, with a sandwich board and prices on a chalkboard, has grown into a thriving business operating out of multiple locations across Vancouver Island.

Eli Brown

Eli Brown (@theelibrown) is a digital marketer and trader based in Burnaby, BC. From mowing lawns at 12 years to now building a social media agency and trading business, entrepreneurship is in Eli’s DNA. He is passionate about helping businesses establish and grow a digital presence using online advertising, content marketing, SEO and organic social media. Eli started his marketing agency, Mojocial Media, about a year ago. Prior to this, around 2015, he started trading the US equities & cryptocurrency markets. At Mojocial Media Eli builds the systems, manages the clients, and does the sales. Currently, outside of business hours, you’ll catch him trading crypto or at the boxing gym with friends.

“Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the markets. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.” Ed

Adam Briglio

Adam is a seasoned recruiter-having worked for an agency and now internally recruiting for 5 locations and 3 companies.
Adam has been recruiting since 2012. He started out as Headhunter for a boutique agency called IPN Brainpower. After 4.5 years at IPN he joined iQmetrix as their In-House Recruiter.
In the podcast, he shares his extremely valuable insights into the recruiting process.

“There is Beauty in Simplicity” -Leonardo Da Vinci.

Jess Smith

Jess Smith is a Career Coach + Job Search Cheerleader at her company Jess Smith Coaching.

After spending 4 years in the recruiting world and interviewing over 1,000+ candidates, Jess noticed that there were lots of little mistakes that job seekers were making that would knock them out of the process.

Inspired to help others and build deeper relationships with people, Jess started her work in coaching where her focus is to support job seekers in discovering their calling and landing work that they love by connecting with their inner power.

Jess now works with job seekers one on one and in group capacities, along with being the host and creator of The Career Calling Summit.

In her free time, she loves reading, working on different art projects and cuddling with her sassy kitty, Mimi.

(Connect with Jess)

“Living for everyone else’s approval is the opposite of FREEDOM” – Eleanor Hanauer (Transformational Training Leader)


Reza Varzidekhar

Reza Varzidekhar (Reza Vee) is a startup founder, a 3rd generation entrepreneur, and an adventurer. Wise beyond his years, he has realized the importance of people and community in our success.

He has an innate ability to draw attention and connect in a meaningful way through authenticity. Human aspect of business are often neglected as it is hard to explain with numbers. And as he assures us in the podcast, majority of the magic happens where numbers and charts don’t have an explanation for it.

His new venture, OVOU, is an attempt to help entrepreneurs stand out in today’s highly saturated market and build meaningful connections that can help them succeed.

You can check out his podcast on Anchor too- https://anchor.fm/100podcasts

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew is a man of many hats professionally and to top that off he’s in a time of massive transition himself, in no small part thanks to the Covid-19 crisis.

He is currently wrapping up a contract helping with the launch of a research centre looking at smart-home technology for people with dementia and will soon be joining The Planet Mark, a sustainability certification company, as their first ever Director of Digital & Community.

Alongside this he has found himself propelled into the world of virtual events, collaborating with the likes of Duncan Wardle, Disney’s former Head of Innovation & Creativity, on innovation ‘Webinizers’ around the world and supporting a number of organisations making a similar transition to move events online.

“Young people are the canary in the coal mine for cultural shift in the workplace, ignore them at your peril.”