virtual business edition is live!

All episodes of Season 1 are out!

While the lockdown was difficult, it led to the creation of this series where we invited guests to join us virtually and share their stories-success and struggles alike!
On a break while we prep for Season 2 but feel free to check out all 11 episodes of Season 1 in the interim!

meet the collaborators

Our Guests

Pauline Joseph

Digital Marketing Head, LinkedIn Local Host, our 1st Risk-Taker, Real and Raw Conversationalist

Colin Cox

CEO Advisor & Executive Coach, Personable storyteller, Carpet cleaning to COO

Sandra Clark

LinkedIn Mentor, Career coach, guide for the socially reluctant

Daniel Sanderson

Philosopher, Tiny Homes Guy & Writing platform creator

Michael Clarke

Management Consultant, ECM expert, sci-fi writer

Kyla Dufresne

Boss babe, Franchise founder, born entrepreneur

Eli Brown

Digital Marketing Consultant, Crypto Trader, Mowing to Mojocial

Adam Briglio

Recruiter Extraordinaire, Soccer Manager, Avid comic reader

Jess Smith

Job Search Cheerleader, Ex-Recruiter, Content Creator, Genuine Smile-giver

Reza Vee

Startup founder, 3rd gen entrepreneur, networking maestro

Andrew Griffiths

Director of Communications, Webinizer director, community builder and more

Rahul Moodbidri

Appears in every podcast, talks a ton, part time traveler, host of this podcast